Amy Rosoff Davis is a fitness, health and lifestyle guru dedicated to helping people become their best self.  Most recently, Amy gained notoriety for getting Selena Gomez into shape for her Revival Tour.  Other clients include Kristin Bell, Taylor Schilling, Emma Roberts, Hannah Simone, Katie Lowes, Olivia Holt, and Aya Cash

Amy believes that to achieve one's optimal level of health the body, mind and soul must work together.  This foundation of consciousness combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet is the recipe for self love acceptance which breed happiness and abundance.

Amy studied and competed in dance for 12 years.  Amy then received a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the arts, where she continued dance training as well as incorporating Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  Amy completed a rigorous Yoga study after college.

Since moving to LA in 2005, Amy has broadened her study of movement and fitness to include high impact step aerobics, Kick Boxing, Circuit training, and a Rebounder workout . This multitude of training culminated in Amy developing her ever popular jump class (at Ballet Bodies in West Hollywood) which incorporated dance moves on the trampoline mixed with arm dancing, followed by a super sculpting mat workout. By blending these myriad techniques, Amy created a program of intense cardio mixed with yoga and Pilates aimed at forming a long, lean, and strong physique. Over the past year Amy has focused on her private clients helping them achieve miraculous results.  

Amy grew up in Ithaca NY, where an emphasis on health and preserving this planet is instilled from an early age. Growing up with Hippie parents meant eating from farmers markets and cooperatives.  With a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist ( RDN) as an older sister, Amy was constantly learning about nutrition and how our health and weight is affected by what we put into our bodies. Amy is a health food junkie and avid chef and she wants to help you tap into your best YOU.